Bible Challenge, Week 11: The People – Sinai


Two weeks ago we read how Moses first met Yahweh on Mt. Horeb.  This week, Moses has a famous meeting with God on Mt. Sinai.  Did you know it was the same mountain?  Moses has become the mediator of a covenant, and now the people are called to a covenant ceremony similar to Abraham’s in Genesis chapter 15–but bigger.  Much bigger.

Also, last week we learned that Yahweh was far superior to the gods of Egypt in power.  This week we learn his superiority in another aspect, which is so taken for granted these days we forget how utterly striking it was for the time.  It’s connected with the idea of ‘holiness’–a word we’ve encountered but haven’t examined very closely.  Now is the time to do that, with fire on the mountain and the people of God coming face to face with their deliverer and Lord.

For a printable download of this week’s reading challenge, click below:

Bible Challenge Week 11: The People – Sinai

(This is a continuation of a series of posts about the “whole story” of the Bible.  I plan to run one every week, on Tuesdays, with a printable PDF.  The printable includes a brief 2-3 paragraph introduction, Bible passages to read, a key verse, 5-7 thought/discussion questions, and 2-3 activities for the kids.  Here’s the Overview of the entire Bible series.)

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    The picture you chose to accompany this section portrays more than any I’ve seen what must have been the terrifying sight that was Mt. Sinai, the original shock and awe.

    May I ask the artist’s name?

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    I was obviously struck by that image also. Unfortunately I don’t know the artist’s name, and I can’t guarantee that it’s an image of Sinai. It was on a Reformed website, but bears a striking resemblance to images found on several gaming websites, such as paintings of Mordor from Lord of the Rings. I chose it because of the “shock and awe” factor, just as you suggest.

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